Food can bring happiness to our lives. Fast food is a friend who has accompanied us countless times in our lives, such as juicy beef hamburgers, golden crispy French fries, and bubbly Coke. The moment they appear in our minds, it seems already smell the tempting fragrance and hear the sound of the belly growling. Do you want them to appear in front of your eyes immediately? Then let's paint them today, be careful, don't drool!

French fries, hamburgers are mainly yellow, red, and warm colors.

We use Artify 48-color professional brush & chisel markers to complete today's painting process. This set of markers contains basic yellow and red series, which can draw pictures with distinct depths and levels, and well present the three-dimensional and real sense.


Step 1  Coloring Golden Crispy French Fries

  • Select the yellow markers Y000, Y204, Y107, Y505
  • Overlap from light to dark in the order shown in the figure. Leave some small light-colored blocks during the process, which can present the natural state of the potato.
  • Light-colored parts are painted flat, layer upon layer, to draw the three-dimensional effect.

Step2  “Making” A Small Box For French Fries

  • The fries packaging is bright red, here we will use R302, R105, R107, R218.
  • According to the order on the picture, overlap R302, R105, R107, R218 from light to dark, which can highlight the texture of the package.
  • Finally, use R529 and R648(the brown color) to create the shadows of the packaging, showing the irregular square structure of the packaging box.

Step3 “Drinking” A Cup Of Coke

The color used here is the same as the French fries packaging box, and the coloring sequence & technique are also the same. We only need to repeat the step 2 on the Coke cup.


Soft Head Brush Tip: suitable for drawing details such as dots and lines. It can be used to draw color blocks of any size and shape.

Square Head Brush Tip: suitable for large-area flat coating to produce even color blocks.


STEP4 “Making” A Super Double Beef Burger

The one we use most here is the overlay painting of the markers
  • Overlap Y000, Y107, Y505 from light to dark on the bread slices.
  • Overlap Y505,Y906,R107,R218 from light to dark on the tomato.
  • Overlap Y107,Y204,Y505 from light to dark on the cheese.
  • Overlap G702,G615 from light to dark, showing the freshness of vegetables.
  • Overlap Y900,Y826,Y648 from light to dark on beef.

All the steps above will give you a perfect visual presentation about the blending ability, pure color, and the painting lines came out smoothly.


Step5 “Highlight” Your Appetite

Now, we came to the last step, just need a little more patience.

  • Use the highlight pen to create the bright parts, in order to highlight the texture of the object.

  • For example, the highlights of fried French fries, and the bright part of the beef.

How does your drawing turn out? Are you preparing to draw some other delicious food with Artify professional alcohol markers, like a candlelight dinner?  The vibrant colors and excellent blending ability of Artify 48 colors markers will provide you wide creative space.