It is a scene that you could never miss. 

 Today, we are going to draw a romantic and beautiful scene-a polar bear under the aurora. The aurora is regarded as one of the most beautiful spectacles in nature. It is diverse, colorful, and gorgeous, nothing in nature can match it. The unexplored mystery of Aurora has made many scientific researchers and artists full of curiosity and yearn for it. If you ask me "Do you want to go to the North Pole to see the colorful aurora and the snow-capped mountains that reflect the light under the aurora?" I will answer you without hesitation: "Of course!“

It is difficult to paint the dazzling light that is unpredictable in the freezing polar air with any brush. The design and production of ARTIFY has always been committed to bringing the best artistic experience to every painting enthusiast. Today we choose ARTIFY 108 color professional Mark pen, This set of markers are rich in shades of each color system, adding a rich gray scale and bright color series (Macaron color) to draw complex, colorful pictures.

Let's experience an unusual journey to the North Pole by following the six steps below.

Step 1  Choosing Colors For the Snow Moutains

    First, let's color the snow-capped mountains . According to the color scale of the object, select the bright part, gray part and dark part. The snow-capped mountains here are blue-green, we can choose 3 to 5 markers according to the difference in shades.

    • In order to highlight the depth of the snow-capped mountains, we use R900, B201, B502, B514 to stack layers from light to dark .
    • Use B427, GG07 to draw the dark part of the stone.



      Step 2  Color the Polar Bear



      • Use R009, B201, B502 to color the polar bear body.
      • Use WG02, WG04, R710 for the dark part of the bear leg.

      Tips: Use soft head brush to draw details such as dots and lines.  




      Step 3 Decorating The Snow Mountain And The Pine

      Now we begin to color the blue-purple snow-capped mountains.
      • Apply R710, B001, B003 for snow mountain background.
      • Use WG09 to draw stone lines.

      Then we creat the 3D effect of the pine.

      • Leaving the snow in blank, use WG04, WG06, WG09 to overlap the dark part of the pine from light to dark.



        Step 4 Create Aurora Gradient

        There are also many places where colors need to be overlapped, overlapping from light to dark will make the color transition effect more natural.



        • Follow the color showing in the picture
        • Use The square head brush to draw a large area blocks. The aurora direction is down, so just be sure to pay attention to the direction of the brushstroke.
        • After laying the color block, use the soft head brush to swipe to connect the boundary of the color block.

        Finally, we came to the destination of the aurora journey. Thank you for creating this gorgeous “polar bear under the aurora” with us today. Are you feeling the charm of art from it ? Let us know if you have any questions about the painting process in the comments section , and we are also looking forward to seeing your artworks in the comment section.

        If your inspiration stimulates your creativity and makes you want to create more works of art , let’s start with Artify markers !!!