Strawberries are native to South America and is widely cultivated in various parts of China and Europe. Their leaves and petioles are delicate green, just like it’s hair, coupled with a bright red coat, and exudes a rich fragrance. Because of its attractiveness, strawberry is widely used in the baking and various catering industries plays an important role in the art of food. Artistic inspiration often comes from every detail of life, maybe it is the first ray of sunlight you see when you open your eyes in the morning, maybe it is a glass that you accidentally smashed, maybe it is the water that is splashed by the strawberry you are washing in your hand..., and we all love to record beautiful. In this article, I will show you how to draw a strawberries in five steps. We used Artify's professional marker set-48 colors. The rich color distribution, color mixing effect and precise line control ensure that we can paint every detail of the strawberry and reflect the realism of the picture.


We need to determine the main colors that we need first. Strawberries are mainly red with green leaves and gray splashes Note that the light source comes from the right side, the right side is the bright part, and the left side is the dark part.



  • We use the brightest red color series show the freshness of our strawberry, which are R105, R107, R218.
  • Overlap R105, R107, R218 from light to dark.
  • When you apply a darker color, add the blocks around the seeds to create shadows.
Tips: Use soft-tip markers to draw oval shapes around the seeds to create 3D effect.




  • Strawberry core uses flesh-colored yellow Y900, Y000 as the base.
  • Follow the natural shape of strawberry seeds with your brush tip.











Add details of the strawberry core by creating small dots on the flesh with brush tips.

  • Apply G702, G615, G554 to draw the leaves.
  • Follow the veins of the leaves to show the bright and dark sides of the leaves.
  • Use soft head brush to draw details such as dots and lines. Use soft head brush to draw details such as dots and lines.
  • Use side pressure pen to draw color blocks of any size and shape.







    • Apply CG00, CGO2, CG06 from light to dark, leaving highlights blank, to create 3D effects of the water.
    • Use different layers of gray to draw the light and shades of the water.
    • Finally, add some Y900 and R302 to draw the reflection of the strawberry against the water surface. 






    STEP 5 Do You Want To Take A Bite?

        Congratulations! You have just finished this drawing. A picture of the strawberry that people love is vividly and 3D displayed before our eyes. A good set of art painting tools will bring happiness to your creative process, and you can get a sense of art and accomplishment from it. Whether you are a beginner, a lover of painting, or an artist, I believe you can get a surprise in using the ARTIFY professional marker set! Share your work below!